I Make Horse Calls

      Since I first set eyes on a horse as a toddler, a bond was formed that would never break.

     When I was a young child, peering out the back window of our car, if I spied a pony ride, Id beg my parents to stop and let me ride.  Id gladly hand over the entire contents of my piggy bank, to ride until my meager savings was gone.

     The smell of the ponies, their glistening coats and long manes and tails, the clip-clop of their hooves, their beautiful brown eyes - the windows to the spirit within - all captured my soul.

     As I grew up, my bond with animals, and especially horses, grew stronger and stronger.  I wanted to spend my life around these wonderful, inspiring creatures.  And when I found other people who shared that passion, I let them into my inner self, for we shared something special, something inexplicable to those who lacked it.

     No matter what obstacles lay in my way - nothing could deter me from that goal. I would somehow find the strength to persevere.

     My life would be forever enriched by horses.  By caring for them my dreams came true.